Posted on Jul 21, 2019

Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs

5 Ways to Cut Your AC Bill this Summer

We have some easy tips to help you slice those AC bills this summer as well as help your air conditioning keep your home cool as efficiently as possible.

1) Turn-Off Lights & Electronics
In the summer, be sure to turn-off any lights that are not being actively used, and maybe give your TV a break. You can opt for energy-saving light bulbs, or decide to grill outside instead of cooking on the stove inside. Managing the time your electronics are turned on can help cut down on your air conditioning bills.

2) Get Out Of The House
Like your oven and electronics, your own body warms the air of your home. When you’re away, and all of your electronics are turned-off, your AC only has to worry about fighting the heat coming from the outside.

3) Use Fans
Box fans, tower fans, ceiling fans, and more! Using fans to complement your air conditioning system is a great way to keep your cold air moving.

4) Defend With Leafy Landscaping
When you’re spending the afternoon out of your house to give your AC a break, take the time to plant bushes and shrubs along the exterior of your home.Trees in your yard or tall bushes along your foundation will dramatically improve your AC’s efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

5) Check Your Insulation
Your home’s insulation plays a vital role in the cooling of your home. If you are lacking proper insulation in your attic or external walls, your home is essentially “leaking” cold air.
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